Game of the Day: Round 11

Round 11 Game of the Day—

Championship shared by Hawkins and Howell

By winning his last round game against Mark Hebden, defending champion David Howell caught up with long term leader Jonathan Hawkins to share the British and English titles with a score of 8½/11.  There was a six way tie for third between Nicholas and Richard Pert, Mark Hebden, John Emms, Keith Arkell and Ravia Haria.  British and English Woman Champion was Amy Hoare.  Other prizewinners were:

U21 Champion – Daniel Fernandez
U18 Champion – Ravi Haria
Most improved performance rating 2200-2349 – James Jackson
Most improved performance rating below 2200 – Michael Fernandez
Alexander Best Game Prize – Chris Ward (for his round 3 win against Mark Hebden)

Games of the Day: Rounds 9 and 10

Rounds 9-10 Games of the Day —

Prize giving – 30/7/14

Commentary Rounds 10 & 11

Why not bookmark these YouTube pages now? The commentary will be in the usual place as well (LIVE Commentary link, left) but with the Championship at stake, best be ready!